Dragonflies in Flight

Images by Glenn Corbiere

Somatochlora hineana (Hine's Emerald), male, St. Ignace, MI, 7/15/2005 (not a known Massachusetts species)

Aeshna canadensis (Canada Darner), male
Aeshna canadensis (Canada Darner), male, Sunderland, Franklin County, Massachusetts, 8/24/2004

Anax junius (Common Green Darner)
Enallagma exsulans (Stream Bluet), male, at Russell, Hampden County, Massachusetts, 7/7/2007
Celethimis eponina (Halloween Pennant), female, Ludlow, MA, 9/2/2005

Somatochora williamsoni (Williamson's Emerald), male
Somatochlora williamsoni (Williamson's Emerald), male, at Lee, MA., 7/25/2004

Anax junius (Common Green Darner)
Anax junius (Common Green Darner), male, Laie, HI., 3/10/2004

Aeshna canadensis (Canada Darner)
Aeshna canadensis (Canada Darner), male, Plainfield, MA., 8/13/2002

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