Massachusetts Wildflowers

Images by Glenn Corbiere 

Trillium erectum (Red Trillium)
Trillium erectum is found in rich deciduous woodlands. It blooms in the early spring. This beautiful flower has an upleasant odor, hence  a couple of  it's common names: Stinking Benjamin and Stinking Willie.  It is also sometimes called Purple Trillium or Noding Wake-robin,  Birthroot, Bathroot and a host of other common names. 

Tragopogon dubious (Yellow Goatsbeard)
Tragopogon dubious is a member of the aster/sunflower family. This flower is quite ephimeral, normally it is in bloom only for the morning. The common name for this wildflower is Yellow Goatsbeard. I took this picture in a meadow in Northampton, MA.

Sanguinaria canadensis (Bloodroot)
Sanguinaria canadensis  or Bloodroot at Whiting Reservoir, Holyoke, MA.

Geranium maculatum (Wild Geranium)
Wild geraniums at the Skinner State Part, Hadley, Massachusetts.

Hepatica americana (Round-lobed Hepatica)
Blue variety of Hepatica americana or Round-lobed Hepatica at Whiting Reservoir, Holyoke,  MA.

Hepatica americana (Round-lobed Hepatica)
White/pink variety of Hepatica americana , also at the Whiting Reservoir, Holyoke, MA.

Polygala_paucifolia (Fringed Polygala or Gaywings)
Polygala paucifolia is a  beautiful jewel-like and delicate little wild flower that is found in moist and rich woodlands in mid to late spring.  It is from the milkwort family, and it's common name is either Fringed Polygala or Gaywings. This was taken at the Mt. Tom Reservation in Holyoke, MA.

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