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Dragonfly Images and Damselfly Images by Glenn Corbiere

Didymops transversa (Stream Cruiser), male

Didymops transversa (Stream Cruiser), male, at Monterey, Bekshire County, Massachusetts, 6/4/2004

Enallagma ebrium (Marsh Bluet), male

Enallagma ebrium (Marsh Bluet), male, at Hector, Schuyler County, New York, May 29, 2010

Plathemis lydia (Common Whitetail), female

Plathemis lydia (Common Whitetail), female, at Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, 6/12/2008.

Gomphus ventricosus (Skillet Clubtail), female

Gomphus ventricosus (Skillet Clubtail), female, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. 6/16/2011

Enallagma pictum (Scarlet Bluet), male

Enallagma pictum (Scarlet Bluet), male, at Sharon, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 7/20/2012

Somatochlora walshii (Brush-tipped Emerald), male

Somatochlora walshii (Brush-tipped Emerald), male, at Orono, Penobscot County, Maine, 6/224/2010

Enallagma vesperum (Vesper Bluet), male 

Enallagma vesperum (Vesper Bluet), male, at Great Barrington, Berkhsire County, Massachustts, 7/16/2011 


Nehalennia irene (Sedge Sprite), female

Nehalennia irene (Sedge Sprite), female, Montgomery, Hampden County, Massachusetts.

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