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Dragonfly Images by Glenn Corbiere

Sympetrum semicintum (Band-winged Meadowhawk), male

Sympetrum semicintum (Band-winged Meadowhawk), male, at Ludlow, Hampden County, Massachussetts, 8/22/2008





Gomphus quadricolor(Rapids Clubtail), male

Gomphus quadricolor (Rapids Clubtail), male, at Russell, Hampden County, Massachusetts, 6/25/2007





Libellula auripennis (Golden-winged Skimmer)

Libellula auripennis (Golden-winged Skimmer), male, at Carver, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 8/6/2013





Dromogomphus spinosus (Black-shouldered Spinyleg)

Dromogomphus spinosus (Black-shouldered Spinyleg), male,  at Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, 8/7/2002





Celithemis elisa (Calico Pennant), female

Celithemis elisa (Calico Pennant), female, at Savoy, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, 8/13/2002





Somatochlora tenebrosa (Clamp-tipped Emerald), male

Somatochlora tenebrosa (Clamp-tipped Emerald), female, at Coventry, Kent County, Rhode Island, 9/3/2009





Enallagma doubledayi (Atlantic Bluet), male, at Plymouth, Barnstable county, Massachusetts, 8/10/2004





Tramea carolina (Carolina Saddlebags), male

Tramea Carolina (Carolina Saddlebags), male at Hobe Sound, Martin County, Florida, 6/22/2005





Perithemis tenera (Eastern Amberwing), female, at Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, 7/18/2002



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